Federigo Innocentini
Contemporary Sculpture and Painting
Combine Painting:
His artistic technique breaks borders between painting and sculpture and produces a corruption of genres.
At one time one lived the same emotions in a dark and obscure room, when suddenly from a film still immersed in the developing tray a little at time began to emerge and stand out. the shaded outline was first to appear and then came forth the datailed aspects to my wonder the figure took on a more defined and pronounced shape.
Today, looking back at the indescribable and joyful moment of creative trepidation active and ecstatic at that time, Federigo rediscovered it when admiring the wonders of Nature for example: when a rock is molded and shaped as an art of design by the wind or as in a pebble shaped by the weaves of the sea. In all these wonderful events of nature every man discovers the distinctness of the faccial images, the form and outlines of the substance tha no one artist greater than nature has ever reproduced. Federigo, was born at Montepulciano (Siena) located in Tuscany and to the present date resides in Florence.
He has complated a Florentine High School that specialises in subjects concerning art and therefore this has provided for him the necessary artistic background need for his work. Federigo also has a diploma in photographical techniques.